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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Disaster Strikes!

On occasions I’ve bought the children a treat and it’s interesting that I would get bothered that they were eating it. They weren’t eating it in the way I had planned. (Imagine that). For instance, I was thinking it was okay to buy this treat because they'd be spreading it out over many days at lunch or something. I realized I can’t get mad when I give them the bag of chips and 15 min later they’ve mauled the bag until every last crumb is eaten and the bag is in shreds on the ground. I had envisioned that they’d eat one chip at a time and not too many. What kid has that kind of self control (what adult does for that matter)?  Do we think they won’t over eat on the junk? Should we rethink the items we buy and bring into the house? I hear moms all the time say I wish we ate better. If that really is the desire then that is something that can be achieved by being more aware at the grocery store. The children can’t eat it if I don’t buy it. Works not only with junk food but with good foods as well. They can’t eat healthy grains and leafy vegetables if I don’t have them in the house. Just some "food" for thought. Haha. HOW-TO-SHOP WISELY (post coming soon on your favorite blog...It's Just Good 4 U.)


  1. What a great idea Mel to start a blog. I am excited to learn more.