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Monday, January 11, 2010

A little too much education

I've been teaching my older children about the calories that food has, the purpose for calories, etc.  My kids always want to eat my high protein meal replacement bars I eat when I'm working out hard.   In which I always respond that they are for adults and that they have too many calories for children.  Today my 2 year old asked my sister for a granola bar.  Tallyoop said it's okay because they didn't have any calories and that her mommy would let her eat them.  She assured my sister that there wasn't any calories in it.  How cute is that?  My sister is beginning to think there's something wrong when a 2 year old is talking about calories.  She's also been known to tell my family that it's okay if she has candy because it doesn't have sugar in it.  I guess you never know what little ears are listening!  Am I nuts?


  1. Mel, fun, you are a great writer, the pictures are cute and the ideas are great. keep it up. love you shauna

  2. That is so funny that Tal is so smart with her food.
    Thanks for all the info you have shared. I am so happy that you can share all the wonderful information you have learned through the last year. Can't wait to read more.