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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Their chance for a healthy future.

I'm on a mission.

This past year I made a complete 180 with my health. I started the year being out of shape, sickly, weak, and depressed. My children suffered from allergies and violent mood swings. In 2009 I decided to take control of my life and make some drastic changes for myself and my children. My mission worked, I feel incredible, I'm in shape, I can exercise again. My children are healthier with less allergies and mood swings. I did this all through good food and supplements.

I am motivated to continue this mission for my children.

I’m a busy mother of 4. I work as a Math Teacher at a local University. I know what its like to feel busy and stressed on a day to day basis. But I also, just like you, want what’s best for my children. I want them to have every chance possible for a future free of sickness and disease. I want them to love good food and have good eating habits. I want them to have the knowledge as well so they can take care of themselves someday. I’m not perfect. There are always improvements that can be made as I grow and evolve as a mother. I don’t worry as much anymore because I know that I am giving my children the nutrients they need on a daily basis so they can have a healthy future.

My hope with this blog is to help my reader know that healthy eating and living is possible. Line upon line. I will share with you my secret recipes and knowledge with the hope that you will have a desire to share this with your families. I know if you experiment with some of my methods I'll be sharing with you, you will notice a difference in you and your children's lives. We're all on a mission together. Our children's future depends on it. Let 2010 be your year to tackle your health and help your children as well. Follow my blog often, learn my secrets, and look for my book coming shortly. Til my next post!!

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  1. Melissa,

    Thank you. Any of us in this day and age can benefit from any tips on healthy eating for us and our kids.