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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My shopping deals

Well, I told several of my sisters I'd let them know what stores I shop at for specific things so here goes.
It might seem a bit overwhelming to shop at more than one place.  It's worth it though to find the best foods at the best prices especially since budgeting is so essential now days.

     Eggs (they have brown eggs without antibiotics or hormones)
     Tillamook Cheese
     Organic Salad Mix and spinach  (best price--they are washed and ready for the blender for green drinks)
     Vegetables and fruit
     Rice Milk
     Organic Quinoa
     Organic Peanut Butter
     Kids Cliff Z Bars (I get these for my purse when we are out)
     Organic Raisin Bran
     Organic Raisins
     Organic Butter or tillamook butter

Sunflower Market:  ( my go to store)
     Organic milk (best price $3.89/ gallon)
      Yogurt (either horizon or mountain high whichever is on sale)
      Green leafy vegetables (best price for organic)
      Meats (all of the meat they sell is from a local farm without the use of antibiotics or hormones and the
                 prices are great, look for ads.  Wed is double add day.)  Family Chicken breasts (skinless,
                  boneless)  $1.77/pound  Ground beef  on sale $1.99/pound
     Fresh herbs
     Organic Mac and Cheese (best price on the sunflower brand)
     Coconut Milk
      I get all the vegetables and fruit at Sunflower.  They also have great prices on cooking oil, agave nectar,
       and cereal.  I spend 70% of my food budget at Sunflower.

Good Earth
       Sprouted Wheat Tortillas
       Organic Tortilla Chips
       Almond Milk
       Cold Cereal
       Organic Apple Juice (unfiltered)
       Bulk herbs section:  1)  can get spirulina for green drinks and other herbs like comfrey, beet powder,
                                     absorbic acid, kelp, etc
                                     2) I buy spices in the bulk herbs section.  Great prices and then I refill my spice jars
                                          at home. Ex. Curry, Chili powder, etc.
Hope this helps.  I know it probably seems extreme.  I go to Sunflower every week and Costco 2 times a month and Good Earth 2 times a month. It's worth it to get the right foods for the right prices.   Stock up on items when they are on-sale.  Azure Standard has the best prices for grains and beans.  go to

I also buy a lot of coconut oil from a local coop.  If anyone is interested, you can buy a 5 gal bucket of coconut oil (you'll see that just about every recipe has it in it).  The price is $160.  

You noticed that I don't have a lot of processed foods on my lists.  It's because I seldom buy them.  If there's a sale sometimes I'll get the kids some fun snacks or licorice or something.  Processed food is expensive.  By not buying expensive processed foods, I can afford splurging on organic milk or good tortillas.

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