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Thursday, December 23, 2010

A success story

Awhile back I went and stayed with my dear friend in California.  She is a very busy mother with 3 children.  Her kids are extremely picky eaters like my own.  She felt concerned about her children's health and whether they were getting the nutrients they needed.  Sitting on her kitchen counter was a Vita Mix blender.  At the time I had been blending green smoothies for over 2 years with a regular blender so when I saw that she had a Vita Mix I was pretty jealous j/k.  We made a green smoothie with some spinach, pears, juice, and ice.  My friend looked at me and just laughed.  She thought there is no way her kids would drink it and there's no way she would either.  I convinced her to try it and she was pleasantly surprised at the taste.  Her younger 2 children drank their drinks in sippy cups with straws (they didn't like the color).  It took a bit of games and coaxing to get her oldest child to drink it.  My friend took my advice and celebrated when the kids would drink their green drinks (see past posts for a list of games you can play to get your kids to drink their green drinks).  She said she'd hoist her children on her shoulders and do the celebration dance.  For my friend, it took a week or so to get into it but she realized how good she felt and she realized how much better she felt as a mother knowing that her kids were getting more vitamins and minerals.  It was a really exciting summer hearing about her successes with getting her family to fall in love with green smoothies.  They drink a smoothie a day. Now whenever she goes on trips, the first thing she packs is her blender.  She's seeing great improvements in her own health and in her kids' health as well.  I'm just so proud of her for making a change and for going after something that will have such a lasting effect in her kids' lives.  I too feel so much relief as a mother knowing that my children are getting the vitamins and minerals they need on a daily basis.  It's a small investment of time with such great benefits.  Our children are worth it.  For those of you that aren't sure if you can do it, just try it.  Follow the tips I've given on this blog.  This is a perfect way to start the new year. 

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