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Monday, January 18, 2010

Eat it Or Drink it (part 2)

Every night I tried to make a salad for dinner.  I love salad and wanted my kids to start eating more of them or at all I guess would be a better way of putting it.  Of course they would shove the bowl away and never eat it.  One night I was especially frustrated with them and couldn't stand the fact that they wouldn't eat all the good food I was offering them.  

I bribed them and begged them to eat their vegetables.  I felt like a broken record night after night.  An idea came to me right there in the spur of the moment and I blurted out, "if you don't eat your salads tonight... you'll have to drink it!"  They all just laughed at me.  So I took their salads threw them in the blender added some apple juice and ice and blended it right in front of them.  (DON'T MESS WITH ME!! haha). They sat there quietly as I put jars of this green drink in front of them.  I told them they couldn't get up from the table until they drank all of it.  I still remember their faces. Bubbles Pat, my 4-yr-old, was the first to drink it.  
And HE LOVED IT! What the heck!  The others started drinking theirs and liking them.  It was such an incredible night.  I felt like my prayers had been answered.  Soon I was experimenting with all kinds of stuff I could throw into these "green drinks."  

Keep reading for the results! 


  1. ok so you have posted a TON since I was able to get on here last! I went all the way back to your bread recipe! What is wonder flour? Is it gluten free? Where do you get it! I do green smoothies for my kids too and they LOVE it! I put the spinach, frozen fruit, cranberry juice, rice milk, and omega fatty in them and they LOVE them! Yea for green drinks! But they eat salad so its just nice for them to get more! I also get the green chewable vitamin for them at good earth! I LOVE your blog! I cant say it enough!

  2. Wonder flour is not gluten free, it's a lower gluten flour. Click the link for the wonder flour and read about it. The link also shows the gluten free recipe. I'm still trying to perfect the gluten free bread. I made it this week and I liked it but it crumbles a bit making it hard to have sandwiches. We've just had it for toast.

  3. Melissa...thanks for sharing your blog with me! This will be great to read. Thank heaven for green smoothies...we love them too at our house. I just don't let Sam have any rolls/breadsticks or whatever we're having for dinner that he loves until he eats his salad...someday when he doesn't have diabetes or cancer, he'll thank me for it!

  4. That's my motivating. SOMEDAY!But won't it be worth it.