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Monday, January 25, 2010

"Oh no he's turning green!!!" (part 3)

I experimented over the next few months.  It was summer so there were plenty of fresh vegetables to choose from.  I researched more and more about the essential vitamins and minerals.  We had a shake a day.  (A different one each day of course)  At first I had to use more juice and frozen fruit to mask the taste of the vegetables and greens.  Now I don't have to use as much sweet stuff.  I used this basic recipe.  It's easy to make and easy to digest and a best-seller at our house.
fill blender pitcher 1/2 full of apple juice (I use the unfiltered or homemade apple juice but use whatever juice you have)
add 3 red chard leaves, 3 kale leaves, beet greens, handful of spinach, handful of romaine lettuce, spirulina (powder 1/2 tsp) and ice and water if needed. . 
The thing is I've tried this recipe on some of the pickiest eaters. I've babysat kids and tried it out on them.  Consistently, it’s a big hit.  It's awesome. I have to coax them a bit to take the first drink by making a game out of it or using some fun straws.  We call it "Hulk Juice".  Whoever finishes all of their drink first acts like "hulk" with his superhuman powers.

We established the tradition to "hulk out" after drinking it.  We all say as each kid finishes his last sip, "OH NO HE'S TURNING GREEN! WATCH OUT!"  It's fun for the kids.  They pretend to grow and rip their clothes out.  They act like they have superhuman strength like the hulk by picking up ridiculous things like the sofa chair or refrigerator or even each other. 

All I can say is if this is what it takes to get them the much needed vitamins and minerals they need each day, I'll do it because I'm committed to providing them with the best nutrition possible.  

Curious about what vitamins are found in this drink:
Red Chard has fiber, vita K, Magnesium, Calcium, Iron, vita E, Folate.
          Kale has Vita C, Riboflavin, Vita A, Vita E, Vita K, Iron, Fluoride.
          Spinach has Potassium and Zinc, Vitamin B-6.
          Spirulina is high in Kelp, Protein, Essential Fatty Acids, Vita B12

This drink not only will cleanse the body but will also build the immune system. Try it.  I’m serious.  You’ll love the way you feel after drinking it. It's awesome!


  1. I am glad to know what is finally in that green drink that Diego loves. I put way to much fruit in my drinks. I got to convert over.

  2. Yeah I hardly use any fruit now and the kids love it just as much.