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Thursday, February 4, 2010


Have you ever been craving something all day and can't quite satisfy it? Do your cravings bounce back and forth between wanting salty foods to sweet foods. For example, you start breakfast with a donut or sugar cereal and pretty soon your rummaging through the cupboards for something salty a few hours later. So you eat some potato chips and awhile later you start craving something sweet. And the cycle continues.
 Or maybe you can't stop eating because nothing seems to satisfy your appetite. Both of these scenarios should mean something to you.


Your body is telling you there's a deficiency in something. This is a perfect time to blend up some greens and make some hulk juice. The alkalinity in the greens will balance out the extreme cravings caused by too many acid forming foods. So get yourself a salad or some vegetables or drink a green drink. Try it. It works for me every time. WARNING: Pretty soon you will no longer be satisfied with foods without lots of nutrients. Your body will crave the nutrients. This could change you forever.  ARE YOU READY FOR THIS? :)

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