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Sunday, March 28, 2010

green drinks 101--simple and easy

 Hey everyone,

If you haven't figured out that I'm really into green drinks, you haven't been reading my blog.

Reasons why I love them:
  • They taste good (and no it's not cuz my taste-buds are messed up; they are really good)
  • Fast and easy (wash and blend--ITS SOOOO SIMPLE)
  • Great way of getting the much needed nutrients that are missing from the average diet (perfect for the picky eaters who won't eat salad or vegetables)
  • Makes me feel better as a mother knowing my kids are getting so many nutrients in one delicious drink
  • Inexpensive--seriously-way cheaper than buying vitamins, or powders, etc.
If you are a beginner, start here

  1. The first experience will be the last so make it a good one. Use less greens and more frozen fruit. I promise you kids will love it.  What's not to love its juice and frozen fruit!  Don't use as many greens as I have in my kids are used to it now.
  2. Blend it smooth.  If you give a kid a green drink with chunks, they won't like them so blend it really smooth.  I of course now don't care as much because my kids are used to it and don't mind having it blended all the way.
  3. Make it fun.  Make games out of it...Like hulking out... Call it hulk juice.  Be creative, use fun jars and straws.
  4. Don't let them see you make it!!!! That's a given.  If they see you putting green stuff in it and vegetables they aren't going to try it.
  5. If at first you don't succeed, try again.  Stay positive and don't force the kid.  Wait awhile to get them to that point.
  6. Avoid using too many types of frozen fruits in one drink or too many different types of greens.  This could cause a tummy ache.  Keep it simple.  I've tried going crazy with it and I realized that it's more beneficial keeping it simple and then rotating what I use.  For example:  Rotate the greens you use so your body can absorb more nutrients.

So what are you waiting for, mothers, fathers, grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles, whoever you are... if you notice the kids in your life aren't getting adequate something about it!!!!
I suggest starting with this classic recipe.

Fill blender 3/4 full of apple juice (I use unfiltered but you don't have to)
Add ice or frozen fruit (stick with one kind.  If you use too many kinds they'll get a stomach ache) 
2 chard leaves 
1 handful of spinach

 You can add more greens later.  Here you just want to get the kids used to it.   

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