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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hulk Juice Recipe High in Vita C

This week my kids have been a bit sick so I've wanted to supplement them with Vita C (absorbic acid).

Here's a great smoothie high in antioxidants and vita c and packed full of vitamins and minerals which is especially important when you are sick.

2 handfuls spinach
2 handfuls lettuce/salad mix (i get it at costco)
4 kale or chard leaves (red chard is extremely high in magnesium which helps in Vita A absorption)
1 tsp powdered alfalfa
1 tsp spirulina
1 Tablespoon Absorbic Acid (powder)*available in the bulk herbs at health food stores** really inexpensive
3 cups Fresh Orange Juice
2 handfuls frozen apricots (can use canned and then ice)
Blend until chunks are gone (my blender takes 3-4 min)

This is a QUICK way to get your kids nutrients. My kids love this drink.  I adjusted the basic hulk juice recipe to help pick up the needed Vita C.  I've also blended other herbs into this recipe and the kids can't tell.  Other herbs/vitamins I've used: Cod Liver Oil, acidophilus, echinacea, etc.  If you've got a kid that can't swallow herbs and won't take the tinctures just disguise it in a smoothie. 

It's always best fresh right after blending but if you need to leave you can store it in stainless steel water bottles in the coolest part of the fridge. 

If your blender doesn't blend these drinks finely enough then strain it after blending.  Instead of discarding the chunks I eat them.  It tastes like salad.

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