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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

eating healthy doesn't cost more

One of the main concerns I hear from people about eating healthier is that they can't afford it. Think about it like this, sure it's cheaper to buy a pack of ramen noodle with 0 nutrients and live enzymes but it won't be cheaper when you're sick with a disease and have to pay for health care.  As my 4 year-old-son loves to say, "OHH, burn!" I think he got it from his older siblings but he says it all the time even when it doesn't make sense.  (For example the other day he had an accident in his pants and said, "Hey mom, I wet in my pants, Oh! Burn mom!")  Anyways, I'm getting side tracked.  The point is it really isn't more expensive to eat healthy.  Obviously, budgeting and smart shopping is a must.  But even if all you can do is make your family 1 green drink a day, that's a perfect way to ensure proper nutrition at a very low cost. 

I'm a numbers girl. I like working with numbers, probably why I chose to be a math teacher.  Anyways,  I calculated how much it costs to make a little over 2 quarts of HULK juice which is around $3.50-$4.00/day.  2-3 quarts of greens will supply you and your family with over 10 servings of live enzymes and nutrients.  Think how often we blow $ on foods and drinks with a small fraction of nutrients. 

Recipe for Hulk Juice

1 quart unfiltered apple juice
2 handfuls of mixed greens
2 handfuls of spinach
3 chard leaves
3 kale leaves
frozen fruit and ice

I use a regular blender and can't get it smooth like those with the VitaMix blenders.  So I make all my drinks into smoothies by adding frozen fruit and ice so my kids don't notice the chunks of greens as much.  If you are a newbie to green smoothies, be sure you don't make it in front of your kids, put it in a cup with a straw to hide the color and do less greens and more fruit.  Let me know how it goes!

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