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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Best Chocolate Smoothie. IT Rocks my World!

Have you ever heard of raw chocolate? I love it.  I make cookies, smoothies, chocolate sauce, etc with it and it's even good for you. Lots of antioxidants and magnesium.

Today I made the best protein shake. I watched a video on superfoods and raw choc powder is the absolute best thing just packed with tons of vitamins and minerals. I felt so much energy after drinking this.  So here's the recipe for the best protein shake ever (congrats to me for coming up with it).

1 cup coconut milk                                                                        
1 cup organic rice milk (try chocolate flavor--It's GOOOOOOD!)
2 cups water
handful of ice
handful frozen strawberries
2 frozen banana or fresh (doesn't matter)
1 scoop brown rice protein
1 T raw cacao (chocolate) powder
1/2 T maca
1 tsp.probiotics
1 T flax seed oil (can use avocados instead)
 handful of raw almonds. I usually soak these overnight. (yummy)
6 servings

 Look at all the vitamins and minerals my girl is drinking.  I love to see that!

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