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Thursday, January 14, 2010

don't look back! just toss the junk

It's time to clear the junk out of the house.  Here's a funny story that might inspire.

I had a jar full of mini marshmallows I had for potty treats.  It was more like leftovers from a party or something so if Tallyoop went potty she'd get 1 mini marshmallow. Oohh!  It was funny.  I've been making dried fruit for the last week and love having the fruit in jars on the buffet in the kitchen for me and the kids to snack on.  I had already filled up all the jars I had but still had a dehydrator full of fruit.  I saw the jar of marshmallows and sat there with what seemed like quite the dilemma the way I was acting.  “Should I throw out the marshmallows?” “Oh I couldn’t waste them, it’s food (well kind of).” Back and forth I went for a few seconds as my husband walks in and asks me what I am doing?  I told him I was trying to decide if I should throw away the marshmallows so I could use the jar for dried fruit. I had pulled them out of the jar and shoved them back into the jar 2 times already.  He just laughed, called me a freak, and walked out.  Thanks for your help honey.  Ultimately, the marshmallows were tossed into the garbage. I had to make room for the dried fruit.  Looking back, should I have really had to think about it so hard?

So here's your chance...Don't even think about it.  Throw out the junk food. Make room in those cupboards for the good stuff.

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