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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Grow your own GREENS

It's coming up to my favorite time of year when I get to garden. Last year I grew whatever I could but my absolutely favorite things to have in my garden were Kale, Chard, Collard Greens and Beet Greens. I loved being able to go outside and cut the fresh leaves for the Hulk Juice. I had a flower garden in the front yard of my house. I decided that instead of planting just flowers I'd mix it up and do all of the greens as well. It ended up being a beautiful garden because I did the Kale and Chard plants in circles around the flowers and then the beets around the chard. The plants flourished. I was a beginning gardener and all of the plants worked perfectly. I was sad because 1/2 way thru the summer last year I had to move. I couldn't stand the thought of leaving the plants so I decided that I'd just take my plants with me from the garden. My husband thought I was insane and pretty much everyone I talked to said it just wouldn't work out.  I ended up transplanting all of the greens and to my shock every single plant flourished again after making the move.

(my garden in front of my house.  Isn't it pretty? And edible)
The point is... It's easy to grow your own greens. You don't need a great big garden or even a green thumb. Instead of doing all flowers this year, grow some greens with it.


  1. I have a loooooong way to go before I'm as healthy and organized as you, but I love to at least feel inspired when I read your blog.
    Here's a question for you:
    What does a person do when she'd really like to plant flowers and thinks the greens around them sounds fun, but she lives in Montana where all the deer eat everything in your front yard?! :o)
    (Yes, we have a garden in the fenced back yard, but I so wish I could have one in the front too. Sounds great!)

  2. I live right up from the Provo Temple where deer eat everything here too. I planted onions and garlic nearby as well because I was told that it helps. I didn't have any problems with the deer like many of my neighbors. I've already started the plants indoors and will transplant them outdoors along with onion and garlic which by the way are very nice to look at. I'll ask around and see what other suggestions some of my avid gardening neighbors have. I'm still a big rookie but absolutely love it. You can even use planter boxes for growing the greens.