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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

OH so BUSY!! How Do I possibly make good food?

The past 3 weeks I've been completely slammed with deadlines at work, studying/taking the GRE, and a million other things.  If I was okay with feeding my kids fast food, this would have been the time to do it for sure.  But since I can't stand the thought of processed foods I had to really be creative and organized.  Here's a suggestion for everyone.

Spend one day a week making food for the week.  I cooked on Saturday mornings about 4 or 5 meals to pull out of the fridge during the week for lunch or dinner.

Try making soups, lentils or beans, bread, rice, chili, stir fry, teriyaki chicken, or salad toppers to mix into a salad.  Every pan in my house was dirty but I spent about 3 hours cooking and cleaning up.  The great thing was I had food for the whole week.

 Instead of using the microwave, use a pan.  Nutrients are damaged when you reheat in the microwave.

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  1. you rock!!!! I will try it! Thanks for the motivating ideas!