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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Organic greens or NOT

If you've taken my advice and started making the green drinks (aka hulk juice), you've probably become familiar with green leafy vegetables like Kale and Chard and Collard Greens, Spinach, etc.  If you haven't heard of these, I hadn't really either until a couple years ago.  I spoke earlier about the health benefits of Kale and Chard.  I did some research and found that nearly 10 of the 12 essential vitamins we need daily come from Kale and Chard.  Not only that, there are lots of minerals found in these 2 leafy green vegetables.  I've had people ask me if I buy organic greens.  I do for 2 reasons.  1) They last longer in my fridge. 2) No pesticides.  Whenever possible I'm looking for opportunities to cut out the amounts of sprays and chemicals going into my body.  Sure there are probably bugs found in the leaves but that's why I wash them.  I've tried buying non-organic chard and kale and it doesn't last but 2 days in my fridge.  Organic is a bit more expensive but worth it to me to know that I'm going to be able to use all the  leaves without it going to waste a few days later.  Sometimes I just can't find all organic especially as I'm looking for varieties.  If this happens then I'll wash the greens carefully and use them right away to avoid waste.

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